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Non Monogamy


Write a paper on how effective non-monogamy in relationships is today


Title: Non Monogamy
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The norm in the society is majorly based on a “fairy tale” monogamous happily ever after relationship and marriage. It is not a disputable fact since most of the relationships today are monogamous. Nevertheless, given the rising rate of divorces and failed monogamous relationships one wonder if an alternative option is an option. The subject of the text is non-monogamy, which is an issue of contention when it comes to relations, but that which comes with its set of benefits as shown in the text. Therefore, this paper will explore a rhetoric analysis of the subject of non-polygamy. Despite non-monogamy being branded as infidelity in marriage, external involvement can also work for some marriages. The author talks broadly about non-monogamy and this leads us to the thesis: How effective is non-monogamy in relationships today?


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