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Nike’s Wearable Tech


Analyze the event for all possible marketing implications. This is a crucial step. An event may associate with more than one marketing issue. Specifically, you need to analyze the event with respect to international marketing environments and international marketing strategies.

How to analyze the event:

Ask yourself as many marketing-related questions as you can think of, for example

  1. What are the elements of the environment that are affected by the event
  2. Will there be any reaction(s) from the government(s), communities,etc.
  3. What industry will be affected and how? 
  4. How will firms change their strategies to deal with the impact of that event?

This is the link for the article : Nike with the help from Apple is transforming into a tech company

Here is another one for additional info : Sorry, Nike. You’re a Tech Company Now

Here are the instructions : 

  1. Introduction/summary of the event.
  2. International Marketing Implications:
    • In terms of marketing environment(s)
    • In terms of marketing strategies
  3. Conclusion

Title: Nike’s Wearable Tech
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


NIKE’s Wearable Tech

NIKE is an American sportswear manufacturing company. The company, started in 1964 by Philip Knight, a track athlete at the University of Oregon, and his coach Mr. Bill Bowerman, has grown to become a multinational corporation involved in designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing its footwear and apparels internationally. Nike is well known for its quality athletic shoes and apparel as well as sporting equipment. Although Nike’s initial product was athletic shoes, it has ventured into baselayers, jerseys, casual shoes, sports shorts, cleats, etc. for various types of sports such as football, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, and cricket. One of the primary factors that have led to Nike’s massive growth internationally is its marketing strategy. The company has utilized extensive advertising through the media, internet, music and movies to grow its customer base. Nike has also been trying to better its products now and then to keep an edge over its main competitors such as PUMA and Adidas.

One of the latest marketing strategies that Nike has ventured into is the use of mobile applications and wearable technology. Nike liaised with Apple, a technology company in the United States known for its phone brand, iPhone to create an electronic wristband known as the Fuelband. Fuelband tracks its wearers’ physical activities such as number of steps taken daily and quantity of energy spent. In 2013, the company introduced a better version of the Fuelband called Twitter of Fitness. The new version claims that the more friends a person has on its social network, the more they live. The new model of the Fuelband, available for $150, has seen the company slowly enter the technology market. Nike is still working with Apple as the latest Apple model has sensors that allow people to use the iPhones to keep track of their Fuel Points accumulated as one engages in physical activities.


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