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News Perspective


COM/400 @ UOP

Compare two newscasts-- one local and one national, and describe what type of stories are reported. Determine any biases.


Title: News Perspective
Length: 7 pages (1775 Words)
Style: APA


News Perspective

The information contained in newscasts can vary drastically from one source to another. Differences in station affiliations, news personalities, and local versus national newscasts all play a part in the detail of the information, the sources used, and at times, unfortunate biases. For reporting purposes, two newscasts were viewed and studied: a television newscast from national news station, Fox News and an online newscast from a local news station, KARK Arkansas. The newscasts from each source were informational, however, each newscast left the viewer searching for more information.

Marketing Perspective

For years, news programs have blended marketing and news materia to gain viewers. The separation between news content and marketing material in the form of both promotion and advertising has become less distinct over time(Buchman, 2000). Marketing in newscasts is commonly accomplished by discussing a future special news program on the station. Marketing can also include mentioning the station’s website or social media pages during the newscast in order to gain an audience on those avenues.

The television newscast on Fox News did use a marketing perspective to attract audiences. During the newscast, the reporter reminded viewers to watch Fox News on a particular day for a Fox News Special Report on the upcoming Presidential candidates. This was an effective way to advertise the station’s special programming during a time when many viewers were tuned in to the newscast to get the latest national and world news.


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