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New Social Issues


COM/400 @ UOP

What are two social issues in the Information Age? How are these issues expected to change over time?


Title: New Social Issues
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For those who use open-source methods to share copyrighted files, infringement does not seem to be an issue. For the copyright owners, however, the open-source movement has brought to light the importance of having copyright protections in place.

Creativity and innovation are very important in the debate on intellectual property rights. An artist who posts his or her latest work on the web might see it used on social media—with the artists name still attached. Although the artist’s property was used without permission, the artist’s name and work is still being advertised. Does this make it acceptable to steal another’s work? Of course not, but for the sake of the artist, maybe others will see the work and search for more by the artist.

Digital Surveillance

In today’s business world, the Internet is used by employees to conduct even the most mundane of daily tasks. Because employers need to protect their assets, many businesses choose to use monitoring software on company computers to monitor employee use of the Internet, including e-mail and website visits. Employees argue that their privacy is invaded, but employers have a right to protect sensitive information regarding their business, as well as to ensure that employees are following rules. While exceptional circumstances can be tolerated by the employers, they also feel that excess use of the Internet for non-job related activities while on the job can be destructive for their firm (Mujtaba, 2015). This is an ethical issue between employees and employers, but it is not the only issue regarding digital surveillance.


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