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Network Administration And Management


You are an IT consultancy firm that is responsible for designing, implementing and configuring network systems. Your task is to design, implement and configure a working system consisting of a client and a server. The client machine is a Windows XP virtual machine and the server will be a Linux virtual machine.

Your task is to implement a network using VMware Workstation to develop a Directory Services implementation based on LDAP running on the Linux server with the Windows client used to access the Directory Services resources on the LDAP server using secure Kerberos-based authentication.

The network (server and client) implementation will require certain networking services to be included in the process. These services should also be implemented on the Linux server and used by the client as well.

You are required to use the latest version of CentOS and ensuring that all other software used is up-to-date.


Title: Network Administration And Management
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Network administration and management


When studying computer science, networks are known to connect different areas or computers. There are terms that are used in networking that students will have to learn and have a clear understanding about them. IP address, Servers, CentOS operating system and so on are some of these names. Network administration and management is considered to be the administering, operating, provision and maintenance of network systems. Net work administration is characterized by controls and operations that are done in centralized places which are responsible for keeping the networks running smoothly. These centers are also responsible for keeping track of the data and information that flow in networks and how they are assigned. This is called administration (Kar & Syed, 2013). Management in most of the cases is characterized by controlling the network systems including repairs and necessary updates and upgrades. A good network system is always up to date.Repairs in network system will include programming that needs a lot of skills to understand. Those that are involved in management and administration of networks are professionals in the fields of networking. For instance, a new switch that is installed in a network, change of operating system or even equipment replacement in a network will require a lot of skills (Karris, 2014). Otherwise the system may collapse or fail.


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