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Network Access Control


When you implement a network and need to provide  access to resources, you need to make sure that users are only able to
access the resources they have permissions for.

To make sure users cannot gain access to unauthorized resources, network administrators usevarious access control models. You are to write a paper discussing the following access control models: 

mandatory access control, discretionary access control, and rolebased access control. Discuss how each model functions, when you would use each model, and give an example of each model.


Title: Network Access Control
Length: 3 pages (836 Words)
Style: MLA


Network access control

 When a network is set up, the owner must identify the kind of information or data to be accessed by other people. It is important to make sure that only the authorized people access data. Insecurity in networks is a trending issue with the emergence of many networks where important data is stored. Unauthorized people may sometimes want to access important data from a certain network.


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