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Ncaa Rules And Procedures: Are Penalties Too Harsh For Student Athlete


NCAA Rules and Procedures:  Are penalties too harsh for student athletes’ vs. Universities


Title: Ncaa Rules And Procedures: Are Penalties Too Harsh For Student Athlete
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NCAA Rules and Procedures- Are Penalties Too Harsh for Student Athletes’ vs. Universities

Problem Statement

Often too many times, the National Collegiate Athletes Association (NCAA) is met by various disciplinary cases which are as a result of misbehavior by student athletes. The council is guided by a set of rules and regulations which are applied based on the infractions or the degree of misbehavior. Some critic s have in the last few years pointed out that some of the penalties often issued by the NCAA to the student athletes are too harsh and uncalled for. In the last few years, major incidences involving the NCAA have led to a series of penalties which some people have termed as being too harsh. Understanding which penalty is right for which infraction has been an issue of controversy since its establishment in 1906. The ultimate purpose in which the board was meant to serve has been questioned over the years after a series of decisions which have been termed as being controversial.


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