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Naval Postgraduate School


Homeland Security

Writing assignments should be written in APA style and will be graded as such. Grammar, etc.. will count. They are to be 2 pages in length not including title page or reference page. There is no abstract necessary for these assignments. You must have at least 1 additional reference to the assigned article.


Title: Naval Postgraduate School
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Naval Postgraduate School

The American success and national security is tied to its obligation to research and technological superiority. The government should have a long term objective. Sound intelligence collection is necessary for the executive branch to guard domestic security from terrorists, cyber- crimes and war. Intelligence is an essential tool in defending the state and is equally critical in helping policy makers. When sources and methods of collecting intelligence are protected, intelligence becomes the best and effective tool to secure the state's security. The executive power is monitored through the checks and balances outlined in the Constitution because the goal is to understand how national security is affected by the leak and the leaker.


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