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Nature Nurture Debate

  1. Provide an overview of the nature-nurture debate
  2. Evaluate popular perceptions of the influence of nature on child development
  3. Evaluate popular perceptions of the influences on nurture on child development
  4. Summarise the gap between perceptions and research
  5. Support assertions using credible, scholarly source

Title: Nature Nurture Debate
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: Havard


Nature-Nurture Debate


Although reducing child mobility and promoting physical growth are a prerequisite for child development, yet they do not sufficiently define adequate child development (Berk, 2006: 5). Other behavioral developmental criteria emphasizing on promoting competence help children adapt to and interact with the environment. Such is the debate between nature and nurture. Since not all children achieve competence during their course of development, several factors are critical to their development. The influences on the development of a child have been identified as either nurture or nature specific (Berk, 2006: 5). Indeed, influences on the development of an individual do not work isolated from the other but cluster together, just as developmentally protective influences work together. The nurture and nature debate and the impact of each concept on child development form the foundation of this study.


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