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Napoleonic Era


Do you think Napoleon Bonaparte in power represented the ending of the French Revolution? Or do you think he did more to ensure the Revolution’s continuation after 1799? 

You may address social, economic, political, cultural, and military aspects of the Napoleonic era in your paper. 

Your paper should be four pages in length, typed and double spaced. A bibliography of at least three sources is required, referencing how you accessed information for this assignment. 

Your paper should be factually based and interpretative. It should not to be a work of fiction. Do not use Wikipedia or .com sources in your paper.


Title: Napoleonic Era
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: N/A


Napoleonic Era

 Napoleon Bonaparte remained termed by majority as the liberator of the French Revolution through terminating it and starting an administration that introduced disparity and steadiness to a tattered nation. The French Revolution was a sequence of battles that might fall short since the administrations developed following the battles that could not succeed. The major infamous was the Jacobins whose Sovereignty of Horror formed massive turmoil in France (Bowen & Alvarez, 2007). The Bourbons were the leaders prior to revolution and contributed to all the things that happened. Napoleon’s capture of authority ensured that neither of these previous movements could rule France. Napoleon on his part brought France together and ensured that employment was not anymore offered to people according to their societal rank. The French during the leadership of Napoleon might turn out to be cohesive, sturdy, and mostly significant equal.


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