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My Syllabus, With Trigger Warnings by Jonathan Zimmerman Analysis
English 101 1 Page

My Syllabus, With Trigger Warnings By Jonathan Zimmerman Analysis


Rhetorical Reading Journals

  •  Rhetoric of the Text (The Author)
  • What are the credentials of the author? Educational pedigree, places of employment, achievements, awards, prestige?
  • What else has the author written and where else has the author published? Does this change my perception of the author or text? Why?
  • What seems to be the political/philosophical/cultural leanings of the author? Do these matter?
  • Did I recognize any bias (common arguments, blind spots, unfair treatment of topics, routine beliefs) in the author based on these leanings? Does this change my perception of the text?
  • Does the author seem credible? Why or why not? Based on what?
  •  Rhetoric of the Text (The Text)
  • Did I understand the reason for the text? Why it was written and published? If I don’t, can I hazard a guess about why it was written and published?
  • Did I understand the argument(s) being made? What are they?
  • Did the logic seem sound?
  • Did this seem to be an unfairly emotional appeal?
  • Was the evidence sound?
  • Was the tone (serious, humorous, glib, academic, etc.) appropriate to the intended purpose of the argument?
  •  Rhetoric of the Text (The Audience)
  • Whom was the author trying to persuade? What are the characteristics of the intended audience?
  • Is the topic one that is known about by many people?
  • Is the topic one that people have strong opinions about?
  • Are people easily persuadable on this topic?
  • Was he or she persuasive? Why?
  • What seems particularly persuasive to an audience about the argument?
  • Do I think there are some arguments the author could have made that would be more persuasive? Do I think the author could have treated the topic differently to make it more persuasive?

Title: My Syllabus, With Trigger Warnings By Jonathan Zimmerman Analysis
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


My Syllabus, With Trigger Warnings by Jonathan Zimmerman Analysis

Jonathan Zimmerman has featured in the journal of American history and other published academic journals. Furthermore, he has contributed towards the Washington Post and New York Times that are renowned newspaper companies. In order for any of your article to future in a newspaper, it has to have passed through the editor and be acknowledged. This fact has made me believe the author is a credible writer with strong messages. The author is aware of the different cultures in America. This matters when producing articles for readers from diverse cultures. The author is an experienced writer and has no bias to any culture, this makes his articles credible. Readers are able to learn from them for they are more educative.


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