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My Hero


Write a five to seven-page paper following APA format on the concept of “hero” more specifically, discuss your own “hero”. This may be a friend, family member, mentor etc. or this individual may be an historical figure (e.g., Eleanor Roosevelt, Rev Martin Luther King, jr, Colin Powell, etc.) you will not be able to receive credit by writing that you have no “hero”

If this term is problematic for you, then discuss a person you admire. You should select only one hero to discuss: this individual may be male or female.


Title: My Hero
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


My Hero

            A hero is any person that one considers as having made outstanding achievements in his life. Such a person possesses noble qualities that can influence others to embark on a journey to encounter similar experiences. As such, because of the heroic deeds, the person will always have followers or people who look up to him or her. Essentially, what this means is that one will always have some human beings considering him great depending on the contribution that he makes in life towards personal achievements. Equally, the evaluation of people is in the sense that they look at a person beyond the individual level. In this case, they try to oversee the impact that such a person has made in the society in terms of creating an enabling environment for the progress of others. A competent hero ensures that he or she influences other people, be it directly or indirectly, for the betterment of their future lives.


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