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My Favorite Cycas Revoluta


One question One paragraph. I live in Arizona.

1.The identity of the landscape tree or shrub with its common name and scientific name (Genus and species).

2.Tell us why it is your favorite.

3.Give some pertinent and important information on whether this plant is adapted to our climate in Phoenix. If it is not adapted to Phoenix and the desert, then tell us where in the western USA is can be grown. Use the Sunset climate zone section of your text to determine this information.

4.Finally, add a short paragraph on the cultural requirements to grow this plant such as watering, sunlight and possible stress or pest problem, and any other information about this plant that may be of interest, ie., Is the plant or its parts edible? Does it have cool looking flowers or fruit? What color are they, and what time of year are they produced by the plant? Use your textbook and /or other resources (check out the External Links for Trees and Shrubs) to obtain this information.


Title: My Favorite Cycas Revoluta
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


My Favorite Cycas Revoluta

Texas Olive is my favorite tree. It is one of the rare native trees that grow in the Arizona desert. The plant makes a lovely specimen suitable in the sunniest and hottest regions. The other common names for Texas Olive is Mexican Olive, Wild Olive, and Anacahuita. Its flowers are funnel-shaped with a golden throat.


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