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My Business Concept


Reflecting on your past experiences and your time at Drexel is an important part of your career development.  Write a 3 page paper which articulates your story, where you are going in life (career goals, specifically referencing when you decided on your career path?  The circumstances surrounding the decision?  Family influence? Classroom experience?  Co-op?  Other?) and why an employer would hire you for that career position.


Title: My Business Concept
Length: 2 pages (644 Words)
Style: APA


My Business Concept

After graduation from high school, I had my first big dilemma: how to choose my college major. I felt so confused about my future because I did not know what I really wanted to do. One day over summer vacation, my father told me “you have to deeply understand yourself before you find your position. So, just come with me to my company tomorrow. It is a good way for you to understand yourself through experiencing different types of work.” I agreed with my father’s suggestion even if I was reluctant.


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