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Music Used In Religion In Anthropology


Trying to show how rhythmic music has changed religion through out time and how it has also caused an economical change through out time.


Title: Music Used In Religion In Anthropology
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Music Use in Religion in Anthropology

The power in music is untold. Music since inception has gained wide usage in many locales not just as a tool for entertainment, but also, teaching. As such, music is highly regarded in many echelons of existence; be it in worship, working or even at war. In fact, one method used for soldier’s motivation is through music. In places of worship, this fact does not change; instead, it becomes all the more prominent. The rhythmic music has not been left out, and as the most commonly used music in many places, its effects are widely felt throughout all world divides of existence.

            Music is used in many places. These places include the church, Mosques, Temples, and places of entertainments such as bars and theatres. The only thing that changes are the thematic displays, tempo  and a few other pieces of details that may be used to characterize the style of the music and target audience. The target audience defines what piece is worth composing and the time for composing the piece. Thus, as people are given various music pieces, what pulls them to it must have been given a thought by the composer of the music.

            Everyday, changes are felt. These changes affect our religions, our dressing, as well as, ideology. As such, music stands as lone influencer in many thresholds that embed life. To date, as music has changed, religion, social cultural behaviors and even the methods of deviance have changed greatly. All these have music to blame. This is because; music has a kind of magic that takes control of the listeners to extent giving them robotic mannerisms and tendencies in response to music. Music forms a strong cord in the social cultural fiber and this time the fiber, that forms the religion.


Music is a tool that has been used to reach even the highest echelons of Glory according to churches and hence the worth of music in worship places cannot be denied. Thus, even in the Religions that do not experience as much shift due to music, music still plays a major part in the whole act of worship. We might say that it is only in Hindu and Christianity that prominence of music is seen, but we cannot forget that the call to prayer in Islam comes out as a song. Still, during Ramadan, trumpets and drums have been used to call out people to start their fast. Maybe, only whether a music is rhythmic or not can give this guideline clearly.


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