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M Tor And Rapamycin


Write a term paper about mTOR and Rapamycin, how they relate to aging and cancer, using PUBMED journals as your resources.


Title: M Tor And Rapamycin
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Mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) is a protein that is naturally found in mammals’ cells, mostly in humans, and its main responsibility are the regulation of cell growth, survival of cells, motility of cells, transcription and synthesis of protein. mTOR is very crucial determinant of the rate of aging in human beings, since it is directly related to the cells growth, and their survival in the blood stream and bone marrow. mTOR protein is encoded by a gene called MTOR and it have so many functions ranging from grown, control of immunity and protection from diseases.

Mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) protein is a key member of the 3-kinase (PI3K) cell survival pathway. This protein plays a very important role on regulating of cells growth, and the proliferation through monitoring the nutrient availability, and cellular energy levels, oxygen levels, and mitogenic signals (Proud, C.G. 23)

Rapamycin is a drug that has been designed through comprehensive research, and is used to stop and prevent the body from refusing to undergo bone and marrow organ transplants. Rapamycin works to block particular white cells which are to known to reject any foreign body organs and tissues. It also helps in blocking a certain protein which is involved in the process of cell division. Rapamycin is an antibiotic type, an immunosuppressant, and an inhibitor of the serine kinase class. Rapamycin is currently known as sirolimus. Rapamycin is believed to have the ability to extend lifespan of a human being in that; it reduces chances of getting cancer by regulating the processes which body cells go through.


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