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Movie: The Italian Job

Movie: The Italian Job


MGT 355:  Movie Analysis Paper 

            For this assignment, you are asked to evaluate the theories and concepts of organizational behavior as they are portrayed in a film and use the film to help demonstrate the importance of these concepts to organizations/managers. This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply at least two of the organizational behavior concepts or theories covered in class to a situation or scenario illustrated in a film of your choice.  The concepts you choose to utilize in your analysis of the film may come from class lectures, book chapters, or any other readings that were assigned in class.

            If you think about it, all films are related to the theories and concepts of organizational behavior because all films, to some extent, explore the trials and tribulations of characters, and the joy or hardship that is experienced when they interact with others in some organized fashion.  The film does not have to portray a real company or business scenario; rather, it can reveal organizational concepts through the interactions of groups of people working together to accomplish some common goal or objective. 

Write your paper in accordance with guidelines published for this course (Note: word count does not include title page or references page). For questions on writing guidelines, refer to the syllabus and the “Writing Workshop” folder posted within the “Course Documents” link in Blackboard.  The paper must be a minimum of 1,400 words and a maximum of 2,000 words, typed, double-spaced, and in 12 point font (font will be Times New Roman).  Some additional formatting requirements:

  • Use page numbers on every page (minus the coversheet)
  • You are required to incorporate a minimum of three references into your paper. Use citations appropriately and according to APA style.
  • You must have a “References” page that includes all sources on it.  Minimum number of sources = 3.  If you have 3 sources, you have performed at the minimum level.

Title: Movie: The Italian Job
Length: 6 pages (1697 Words)
Style: MLA


Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is a study of group and individual dynamics in an organization setting. It facilitates bringing together different diverse skills and specialties so as to accomplish a particular objective more efficiently. Organizational behavior is about people’s attitude, motivation, leadership, decision-making, and performance (Colquitt, Lepine & Wesson (2015).

However, examining interaction in a group setting gives insights on challenges of teamwork that include leadership, decision making, conflict, and power. Hence, with the help of organizational concepts, one can understand how groups work and power distributes, and also how control and decision making affect individual behavior (Colquitt, Lepine & Wesson, 2015).  The organizations, therefore, can adapt to competitive and changing economic, political, and social conditions.

Concept of Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior incorporates two concepts that include the resource-based view. The resource-based perspective looks at resources available to maximize output. These resources include financial and physical resources and also organizational behavior resources such as image, culture, wisdom, knowledge, and goodwill, hence pulling collective knowledge, talent and experience for a common goal. The other concept of organizational behavior is numerous small decisions. It captures the idea that people have to make small decisions in their daily lives and hence it is an important component of overall success (Colquitt, Lepine & Wesson, 2015).

The Italian Job

 The Italian job is a film that evaluates and demonstrates the application of concepts of organizational behavior. Led by Charlie Croker, a group of people with different specialties are assembled to rob thirty-five million gold bars from a highly guarded and secured safely in Venice Paris. Through organizational behavior, the team can take the gold bars successfully from
the safe (De et al., 2003).


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