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Movie Review: The Love Eterne


Movie Review: "The Love Eterne"

  1. What is the texture of Culture? How and to what extent can filmic representations be considered “authentic?” How does our own role as viewer affect our understanding of culture?
  2. How does film present history and/or historical periods? How do individual lives intersect with historical events? Can and how do the films we have seen put history to work to convey certain meanings
  3. How does film present society and/or social mores? How do individual lives intersect with broader social trends? Can and how do the films we have seen critique Chinese society?

Title: Movie Review: The Love Eterne
Length: 5 pages (1647 Words)
Style: APA


Movie Review: The Love Eterne

Topic 3

            The Love Eterne is a story of a girl who tries to resist the unfair treatment in her society to pursue her love and happiness. Ying Tai is born into a wealthy family, but she is not taken to school because she was a girl. The traditional Chinese society did not value the importance of educating the girl child (Wang 11). However, Ying Tai is compelled to try and break the ancient cultural Chinese tradition by dressing up as a boy so that she could also get the chance of getting an education as the boys. During her quest to break free, she falls in love with Shan Po. Her family refuses to give her hand in marriage because the young man was from a low-income family. The society expected girls like her to be married off into rich families. Ying Tai struggles to break free from the shackles of oppression in which the society had locked her in.


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