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Motor Learning


Motor Learning is teaching persons motor skills that they will use in life or sports.

Review the stages of motor learning to be familiar with each of the three stages.

 Answer the following questions about practice.

  1. As people practice more they get better at detecting their own errors. Relate this to the early stages of learning, quality coaching and mechanics, and proper delivery of feedback.
  2. Relate effective teaching and practice conditions to Bernstein's theory of Freezing the Degrees of Freedom.
  3. What is a specific example of using the DF to teach a motor skill?

Title: Motor Learning
Length: 2 pages (714 Words)
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Motor Learning

Every individual needs proficiency in motor learning which is necessary for all activities, from speaking to climbing trees and playing piano. All this requires underlying motor skills that determine one’s behavior and strength of movement. The capability to respond immediately is always needed, making the process of motor learning to be essential to any human being. This essay will discuss the stages of motor learning which consists of Cognitive, Associative and Autonomous stage. Freezing the degree to demonstrate movement theory by Bernstein which will be the focus in describing movement (Kober & Peters, 2014).


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