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Ethics 2 Pages

Moral Theories


The Assignment:

Explain 3 examples of each of the 5 methods of moral reasoning (including at least 1 example of oneself and 1 of other’s moral reasoning) – that have occurred in your life over the past week or so.


  • Write a five-paragraph paper, one paragraph per moral theory (a moral theory = a method of moral reasoning), where each paragraph contains three examples from your own life and interaction with others.
  • Title the paper: “Homework Assignment 2” and put your name on the paper
  • Total length of the paper: 1½ pages typed, 1.5 spacing
  • Turn in your paper to Drop Box on Springboard for our course.
  • Deadline: 9am, Tuesday, 2/ 2/2016.

A sample -- two examples of Ethical Egoism from my first paragraph:

“Three examples of Ethical Egoism seen in others or myself include the following:

  • Last night my wife asked me if I had emptied the dishwasher or not; she would then put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher if it was empty.  (We have divided up kitchen duties – I cook dinner and empty the dishwasher, Karen does the kitchen cleanup).  I was deep into reading a philosophical book and did not want to put it down right then, but Karen wanted to do the kitchen cleanup now and go to bed early.  What I wanted to say (and what went through my mind) was, “Look, if you are in such a rush, why don’t you empty the dishwasher tonight?  After all, I bought the groceries and cooked dinner!”  This was Ethical Egoism thinking by me.
  • A student told me that they could not meet with me during my normal office hours, but could meet only on a day that I work at home.  So I set up an appointment with the student, driving into campus (25 minute drive each way) just for that appointment.  The student did not show up for the appointment, I waited for half an hour, they did not send me an email or make a phone call, nor did they apologize the next day in class.  This I assume this was Ethical Egoism thinking done by the student.

Title: Moral Theories
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Moral Theories

Ethical Egoism Examples

A friend visits me in the house. My normal evening program includes watching my favorite soap opera before cooking supper. I am in my house and the television is mine but my friend insists on changing the channel to his preferred program. Whatever I wanted to say (and what went through my mind) was, “look, why don’t you respect me in my house?” This was ethical egoism on my part because I considered what satisfies my interests, wants, and desires. When I started watching, my friend sacrificed to prepare supper for both of us. Everything was available for any meal and I expected him to ask me what I would prefer to have for supper. He ended up preparing what he wanted and not what we both agreed. This, according to me, was ethical egoism on his part. The third example is my experience in class group discussions. What I realized was that everyone wanted us to discuss the topic that they are good in. this, according to me was ethical egoism on everyone in the group.


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