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Psychology 2 Pages

Mood Disorders


Write a 500 word paper on the following:

Although mood disorders share several key similarities, there are some aspects that are radically different among these disorders. 

  • What are these similarities and differences? 
  • Explain, using examples, with special attention to the resulting implications for diagnosis and treatment.

Title: Mood Disorders
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Mood Disorders

 The mood disorder refers to the abnormal psychological situation where a person expresses the temporary feelings. They are regarded as the feelings that create bad or good emotions in a person. The major examples of mood disorders include the depression and the bipolar disorders. The two major types of mood disorders are based on their manic or hypomanic episodes that may have been present. However, the mood disorders are claims to result as a response to any medical condition, induce of substances, or similar events. Therefore, this paper provides a clear understanding of the mood disorders, specifically both depression and bipolar disorders. The discussion achieves its notions by discussing the similarities and differences of both mood disorders


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