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Some of the law concerning campaign funding. In particular, start in 1972 when we passed the current law and show me what that did. Kind of trace where its gone, what are its rules, how much money can people spend, how much can they collect from various contributors, how much does public funding work. 

When it comes to contributions from individual people, there are some conflicting numbers here – there was an original law in 1972 that said a specific amount of money that was changed in 2002 and in 2002 it was made so that there are changes in every year. Make sure that you state in your essay where you got numbers – the original, the updated, or the amended one.


Title: Money
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The campaign finance law was effectively enacted in the year 1972. Since its formation, it has streamlined the election campaigns in regard to the funding protocol. The law deeply defines what campaigns should entail in regard to contributions, expenditures, and advertising. The law is still applicable today although it has experienced numerous reforms since its inception. However, it is still considered as the operational law in regard to federal campaigns.


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