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Mobile Survey Tool

Mobile Survey Tool


Mobile Survey Tool:  The mobile survey tool will be used by survey collector to elicit survey responses from shoppers in a mall.  The tools shall allow the survey collector to select a set of survey questions and to record the response the questions for each survey taker.  The survey collector can initiate, cancel, and complete a survey collection. Once the survey collection has been completed, the results are available to be compiled for the survey results.

The set of survey questions will be defined by the survey manager.  The survey manager has the capability to create a survey set, edit a survey set.  Once the survey set is complete, the manager can activate the survey set; once it has been activated it cannot be deleted or modified.  The manager can see the number of surveys that have been completed for each survey set.  The manager can close a survey set so that no more surveys will be taken. 

The system shall be able to support questions that have the following types of responses:

·         True/False

·         Yes/No

·         single selection from list

·         multiple selection from list

·         rating from 0 – 9

·         text response

The survey results will calculate the number responses for each survey question.  The survey manager shall have the capability to visual the results of the survey responses in the following ways; histogram, pie chart, excel spreadsheet.

1.       For the above system requirements, select an architecture style and design a high level architecture.  Explain your choice of architecture style and the major components for your architecture. Your architecture will include

a.       UML/Use case diagram

b.      State transition diagram

c.       Sequence Diagram

d.      Class Diagram

e.      GUI diagram

2.       Identify the actors and use cases of the system and create a Use Case diagram.  Develop two of the critical use cases for the above system.

3.       Identify the classes and responsibilities from the system requirements and use cases.  Develop a UML class diagram of the core classes of the system.

4.       Using one or more of the various dynamic UML diagrams show the implementation of the two uses cases that you developed.


Title: Mobile Survey Tool
Length: 1 pages (621 Words)
Style: MLA


Mobile Survey Tool

Question #1

A system architectural style or pattern refer to a given set of principles that provides a particular abstract framework for the system components. In the above system of a mobile survey system for a shopping mall, I choose to use object-oriented architectural style. The style is appropriate for the system because it will enable division of the application and system responsibilities into specific an individual objects that are self-sufficient. Each object contains data and the required behavior of the relevant object. The major components of the architecture consist;


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