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Education 2 Pages

Mini Project(Culture Exploration)


Identify an international student or adult from another culture that you can use as a cultural informant.

Locate and study a map of the country or origin of your cultural informant and write some observations that you can make from the map.

Locate information regarding the target country and write a survey of the vital statistics of that country. Include relevant information about the economy, education, and cultural distinctions of the people from that culture. Also include information about people from that culture who have immigrated to the US.

Include: 3 Predictions of the cultural impact of American schools on K-12 students from the target country

The following is important :

(You have to note that because in near future you will conduct an interview with your informant for your second mini project, Cultural Interview, this first mini project (Cultural Exploration) should be about the culture of your future interviewee. Actually, all the three mini projects and the final major project have to deal with the culture of your informant (interviewee).


Title: Mini Project(Culture Exploration)
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Mini Project: Culture Exploration

Today, globalization of the educational sector has provided students with opportunities to study in foreign countries.For example, the United States of America has witnessed a large number of students from other countries enrolling to study at primary, secondary, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. Of these countries, China remains the biggest source of the international students in the U.S. Most Chinese students usually view their universities as diploma levels that produce graduates with little qualifications that attract low salary in the job market. 

For instance, the Chinese government statistics have shown that a graduate earns a monthly salary of about 3489 Yuan ($539) a month, which is almost the same amount paid to a migrant worker in a construction sector (Chen & Jordan, 2016).Some of the effects that this trend has on the sector include social and cultural impacts of the international students on local students, educational institutions, and the respective communities they interact with during their studies


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