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Management 8 Pages

Microsoft Corporation Strategic Plans


Select an organization or department to analyze and prepare a strategic plan to grow the business or organization over the next three years. Describe the organization or department. In your development, include the following: 

  1. A description of what makes this organization or department distinct. 
  2. What is the current direction of the organization or the department? 
  3. Conduct a quick SWOT analysis to determine areas that offer opportunities for change. 
  4. Choose three or four areas from your SWOT analysis that you feel are crucial to your strategic plan. 
  5. Explain why the areas you have chosen are essential to your strategic plan. Use theories and examples from your text and additional resources to support your rationale. 
  6. Lastly, explain your plan to measure the success of your strategic plan. 

Title: Microsoft Corporation Strategic Plans
Length: 8 pages (2200 Words)
Style: APA


Microsoft Corporation Strategic Plans

Microsoft Corporation is a technological organizations based in Washington, America. Its missions are to manufacture, develop, and license software applications and the related computing services. Its founders were Paul Allen and Bill Gates in 1975, where it became the largest software developers in the global market in terms of revenue collected and the delivery of credible and valuable services. However, Microsoft Corporation has become the dominant of supplying computing programs including office suites and operating systems, thereby becoming a unique department in the technological sector.

The notions of being the market leaders have positioned Microsoft Corporation to experience growth and development (Bick, 2005). This is by becoming the most influential player in the market, thus gaining the strength to dominate the market in supplying its products. However, the technological changes and advancements have aroused the success of other companies offering similar products and services in the competitive market. Such companies have taken advantage of implementing favorable and effective strategic plans that outshines Microsoft Corporation in the global market. The trend of the current market situation of Microsoft Corporation is diminishing and losing its position in the market to its competitors.


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