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Microsoft And The Search Market


Write on Microsoft and the Search Market


Title: Microsoft And The Search Market
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Microsoft and the Search Market


Microsoft launched its search engine, Bing, in 2009 with a primary intention of increasing its returns through online advertisements and client searches. However, since its establishment, the search engine has not recorded profits, which has contributed to critics arguing that Microsoft should sell the loss-making product. However, the argument seems not to provide sufficient evidence since the search engine has recorded an upward trend in its market share acquisition, despite the existence of the renowned and the first mover search engine, Google. Therefore, it is clear that Microsoft will acquire a better chance in making large profits and acquiring a larger market share in the future if it establishes better policies and strategies to penetrate the online market.Investing in the search engine Bing will be a commendable decision for the company to consider to realise sizeable financial benefits.


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