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Mental Health Care Services Among Old Mexican Adults


Mental Health Care Services among Old Mexican Adults


Title: Mental Health Care Services Among Old Mexican Adults
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Chapter 2: Literature Review


Judging from a global perspective, we have come to witness the introduction of new ways of handling our day-to- day endeavors. Technology is among the elements that have managed to influence the way we do things, making them easier and faster. The medical field is among the areas where we have come to witness drastic changes. The difference between traditional and modern medicine is almost impossible to compare (Neiman, 2015). 

The elderly in Mexico tend to be influenced by numerous factors when it comes to their understanding and usage of any cure. Research shows that many of them favor traditional medicine, pointing out that they have better knowledge of how it works. Modern medicine has come to be appreciated when dealing with ailments like dementia or even Parkinson’s disease, ailments that are common among the elderly (Molina et al., 2013). In light of the milestones made, the elderly still seem to favor traditional medicine over modern medical routines.....


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