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Medieval And Renaissance Definitions Of Love


Compare and contrast Medieval and Renaissance definitions of love.  Use  analysis of Renaissance poet John Donne's works along with the medieval definition given in "Yonec" and "Laustic" to support your answer.


Title: Medieval And Renaissance Definitions Of Love
Length: 12 pages (3539 Words)
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Medieval and Renaissance Definitions of Love

Medieval and Renaissance definitions of love share many characteristics. The Lai's  of Marie de France and John Donne's poetry show many of these characteristics. Both sets of tales are filled with religious imagery and lessons. They all use images of nature. However, the courtly love of Marie de France and the soulmate type love explored by Donne in his "A Valediction:

Forbidding Mourning" are very different. "Yonec" and "'Laustic" are tales of love between people who are not married to each other. They are didactic tales about what happens when you break God's commandments. Donne's poem is written to his wife and describes a love that cannot be broken by distance or any other factor because their souls are connected. Medieval definitions of love shifted over time, and went from courtly love to the Renaissance definition of devotion to your spouse at all times and for any reason.


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