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Medical Adherence


During a quality improvement (QI) meeting at ECHO Hospital there is discussion about the increased number of patient re-admissions related to
medication non-adherence.The nurse manager is convening an interdisciplinary team to address the increase in patient re admissions related to medication non-adherence.

Initial Discussion Post:

Who should the nurse manager include on the interdisciplinary team?

List three (3) factors that impact a patient's ability to adhere to the medication regime.

Identify three (3) actions the team could take to improve medication
adherence. One action must be interdisciplinary.


Title: Medical Adherence
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Medical Adherence

Question 1: Who should the nurse manager include on the interdisciplinary team?

Interdisciplinary teamwork is important. The nurse manager should delegate more staff in the complex process to work together and share skills, knowledge, and expertise to influence patient upkeep (Nancarrow et al., 2013). The manager may also include healthcare professionals, health-related professionals, and non-professionals. The individuals should have diverse backgrounds and training and should work together as a system or a unit. The team members should work together to solve complex problems or many disciplines at ago (Nancarrow et al., 2013).


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