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Maya: Carved Hieroglyphic Lintel


*Write a 4-6 page paper typed double-spaced, plus Works Cited page on any mayan artwork on display at the Menil Collection  

*Use at least three sources in researching the cultural context of your object: 

a) your Stokstad textbook; 

b) museum catalogues i.e. Menil Collection (available on reserve in the library or in the museum library and bookstores); 

c) at least one additional published source.

Use the following outline in organizing your paper:

I. Introduction: Explain why you chose the object and why it appealed to you.

II. Cultural context: Place the object in a cultural context.  Discuss the social hierarchy, religious beliefs, and other distinguishing features of the civilization.  Identify iconography and patronage. Explain the purpose of the artwork within the society that produced it.

III. Visual Analysis: Analyze the object in visual terms.  Begin by describing

it in terms of naturalism and realism or abstraction and stylization.  Then analyze the object in terms of style using the following vocabulary terms: 

1) form; 


3) materials and technique; 

4) line; 

5) color; 

6) texture; 

7) space; 

8) mass; 

9) volume; 

10) perspective and foreshortening; 

11) proportion and scale.  

See your textbook introduction for definitions of terms. Be sure to explain exactly how the visual elements contribute to the style the artist uses. ( For example abstract stylization is a characteristic of Sumerian sculpture.)    Use appropriate vocabulary introduced in each chapter, i.e. Ideal Canon of Human Proportions, contrapposto pose..

IV. Conclusion: What value or meaning does the artwork hold for us today? Is it aesthetic, philosophical, historical?


Title: Maya: Carved Hieroglyphic Lintel
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


Mayan Artwork


In Melin collection, there are several artworks of different origins and also serve different purposes. The artworks are made from different materials,take different shapes and they diverse appearances. In this paper, I will dwell on one of the artworks that were found in the Menil Collection. In my case, I choose to discuss about the urn. The urn is colorful and attractive to every individual. It can be used for both educative and decoration purposes. The urn appeared appealing to me because they are different shapes and can be used for various purposes.

Cultural context of the artwork


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