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Mathematics 5 Pages

Mathematics In Mayan Civilization


Mathematics in Mayan Civilization


Title: Mathematics In Mayan Civilization
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Mathematics is known to be used in almost every part of life. The oldest concept of mathematics was done by the Mayan (Scholl, 2010). Symbols that were used are a dot, a bar and a shell. The Mayan started the use of these numbers from counting the fingers and the toes. This made them use 20 as a sacred number. Different numbers had different presentations. The Maya by this time used the system known as vigesimal in their calculations. This method was easy to use since the symbols that represented the numbers were common; for instance the fingers.


Mathematics is known to be used in almost every part of life. The origin of mathematics related to the evolution of social systems. Mathematics has been used in calculation of all the social needs. The numbers are used in calculations. Sometimes representations of numbers can as well be used to help in calculations (Jordan, 2011). The numbers calculation has helped in the interaction of people and has created complex relations.


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