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Mathematics Article Review
Mathematics 2 Pages

Mathematics Article Review


"read mathematics article and submit a script  reflecting the gist of at least one article."


Title: Mathematics Article Review
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Mathematics Article Review

Taro Fujita and Keith Jones’ article, The Place of Experimental Tasks in Geometry Teaching: Learning from the Textbooks Design of the Early 20th Century, talks of the dual nature of learning geometry in which the aspects of theory and practical are infused for a better understanding of the subject. Even though understanding the relationships and attributes of geometry helps students apply the diverse contexts of the subject, mathematics teachers still have the dilemma of linking theory to practical examples. 

Fujita and Jones (2003) continue to explain the need for research to open up ways in which mathematics teachers can develop better pedagogical techniques to bridge the two aspects. In particular, the article gives reliable results of how some textbooks of the 20th century employed innovative learning designs that assisted students to apply learned geometry knowledge in a practical environment. Analysis of the textbooks implies that experimental tasks were potent tools in building effective learner intuition in geometry.


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