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Mathematic Olympics


Write a story about you in the Mathematics olympics competing other countries " competition held in Argentina" shows how much you love math and how smart you are in that.

Write a story about you engaging in a political debate competition in your school showing how much you are literate in politics

Write a story about you being creative in video editing and making short movies for your family using your skills in video editing.


Title: Mathematic Olympics
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Mathematic Olympics

My dad introduced me to mathematics when I was a child. He adores Mathematics and has been teaching it for many years. Since other members of the family are not so involved in Mathematics, he hoped that I would be the one to pursue it. The greatest opportunity that came my way was taking part in the Mathematics Olympic competition held in Argentina. It was like a dream come true. Competing with people from different countries raised the stakes, but I was determined to emerge among the best participants. When the exams came to an end, I was deemed the best among the participants. Everyone was curious to know more about me and, as a result, asked why I love Mathematics so much and what I do in order to excel in it. I said that it was all down to my personality; I am creative and composed with a positive outlook towards life. This has been my biggest achievement in my life so far.


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