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Master Morality And Slave Morality



Topic: Friedrich Nietzsche argues that morality can be reduced to two basic types – master morality and slave morality – and to one basic difference: between nobility and contempt. How does such a provocative argument benefit the world today?

Length: About three to four pages, double spaced, approximately 800 to 1.000 words. Use APA or MLA format, whichever you feel more comfortable with. Be sure to type your essay in a normal sized font (11 or 12 point) with normal sized margins.

References: Any time you use a direct quotation, you must be sure to reference it properly. At a minimum, you must include quotation marks around the quoted material, and include a citation that directs your reader to the book and page number.


Title: Master Morality And Slave Morality
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: APA


Master Morality and Slave Morality

Friedrich Nietzsche, who was a philosopher, is one of the most controversial individuals in the intellectual history. In most of his work, he expressed himself as being angry and mostly hated women. He wrote about two main types of morals, the master morality, and the slave morality. Master morality is the morality of the proud and the strong. In master morality, the noble sees him/herself as the one determining the values. The individual honors him/herself in everything he/she does. I strongly agree with this thought of Friedrich Nietzsche on how it has benefited our present world. Anyone who considers himself as being the master in everything they do, they are likely to be successful in life. Believing in oneself is a great thing that most people lack to undertake something of substance.

In the present world, for one to make it in life, he/she must be compassionate, selfless and has an excellent idea of equality. Anyone with all the virtues is highly respected and adored in the society. As Friedrich Nietzsche indicates, these people are energetic, optimistic, happy, and are okay with the human being condition. The noble people are the ones who end up being in power in our world. They oppose the “good” and “bad” aspects and relates them to “noble” and “contemptible” (Fawcett, 2013, p 71). This point helps the individuals in our present world to feel some contempt to those who have minimal thinking, the anxious, the cowards, and those intent to narrow utility.


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