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Masculinity And Feminity


The role of gender in our society


Title: Masculinity And Feminity
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Gender roles and traits have been controversial issues in many societies. Masculinity occurs when a man possesses the qualities and traits that are ideal and typical of a man. The traits depend on societal actions and standards. The term can describe elements of real manhood characteristics. Masculinity constructs have different variances depending on historical and cultural environment. Femininity, on the other hand, denotes attributes of womanhood. The behaviors and roles that attach to the woman contribute to a feminine nature. The elements of femininity emanates from the social environments and biological contexts. In most instances, a feminine acquires the simple definition of a biologically female gender. The society has various ways of defining gender and gender characteristics. The behaviors and constructions that emerge in the nature of elude gentleness, empathy, and sensitive actions. The play, taming the Shrew by William Shakespeare is one of the classical creations of past times.


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