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Anthropology 2 Pages

Marriage Dynamics And Aspects


Consider the different ways people get married (arranged marriage, endogamy, exogamy, polyandry, polygyny, monogamy, kidnapping) and all the things that go with marriage (place of residence (neolocal, patrilocal, matrilocal), payment (bride price, dowry), levirate and sororate, etc.).

Research two cultures that have different practices of marriage and explain why the differences occur in their societies. How does they system of marriage relate to kinship, economics, and status? Do they work in the society? Why/why not?

Are the practices in these societies changing? If so, how?

Now consider the ideas associated with dating and marriage in your own culture. How have things changed over the past few years? Do you think men and women have different views on these ideas? Explain.


Title: Marriage Dynamics And Aspects
Length: 2 pages (652 Words)
Style: MLA


Marriage Dynamics and Aspects

            Since ancient times, marriage has been an important cultural practice in nearly all societies. This practice has been carried on from a generation to the other till date. However, innumerable aspects of the same practice have evolved over time. The nature, work, as well as the features of marriage vary from one cultural setting to another. Generally in the modern world societies, marriages can either be civil or religious. Civil marriages are marriages that are officiated, recorded, and recognized by a governmental authority (Bruze et al. 6). A religious marriage on the other hand is a marriage that is officiated, recognized, and recorded by a religious authority, to which the spouses subscribe to.


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