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Marriage And Family Responses To Classmates


Marriage and Family Responses to Classmates


Title: Marriage And Family Responses To Classmates
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Marriage and Family Responses to Classmates

Francisco Garcia

Francisco Garcia affirms that the media has showcased what the real world desires. Certainly this is spot on! Indeed, family and marriage set ups have drastically changed in the last fifty years. For example, most men and women now marry in their late 20s. Women have also fought for their independence to take part in the ‘male-jobs’. Women, like men, now work in big offices and hold big positions in areas pre-assumed to be men’s sectors. Providing for the family is no longer a man’s job. Consequently, the value attached to marriage and family has dropped as women walk out of marriages as they try to equal men in the society. Men are equally too busy in their jobs; they show little attention to their wives and children.


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