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Marketing Techniques And Poor People


What marketing techniques effectively reach this audience? (The audience is people who live in bad neighborhood, close to or below poverty line)

How do they prefer to interact -- in person, by email, by web conferencing? What gets their attention? 

What magazines, newspapers, email newsletters, blogs, and professional trade publications do they read?


Title: Marketing Techniques And Poor People
Length: 3 pages (922 Words)
Style: MLA


Marketing Techniques and Poor People

Creating New Lifestyles among Poor Consumers

Most low-income earners lack the characteristics of a consumer target group. This is because they haven’t been acclimatized to think that the goods and services sold to them have actual benefits to their lives. Therefore, their budgets and lifestyles do not allow for spending on products or services that they do not need. A good marketing strategy must prove to these consumers that their products will indeed alter the lives of these customers positively (Simanis). For instance, many poor individuals may choose to live without access to clean water and sanitation services as they may term them as lavish and expensive. However, an effective marketing strategy must show the customers that access to clean water reduces cases of illness and may, in the long run, cut down on costs spent in accessing medical care. Marketers must thus make consumption of their products by these consumers seem as natural as possible by rooting the practice into their daily lifestyles.


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