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Marketing Strategy: Dave's Corner Café


Write a paper addressing :

What issues exist with Dave’s business approach at the Corner Café?

What could Dave’s target market be if he were located in each of the following locations:

  • Near a local college
  • Adjacent to a suburban strip mall
  • In a downtown financial district

What specific steps would you advise Dave to take to increase sales for each of these target markets?

David is an owner of a cafe who complains that business is not doing well


Title: Marketing Strategy: Dave's Corner Café
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
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Marketing strategy: Dave's Corner Café

For a business to be successful, several strategies must be implemented and some considerations done before setting up the particular business. Marketing strategy is among the vital matters of concern in every business. This paper will discuss the issues in business approach in relation to the failure of Dave's Corner Cafe. It will also give viable suggestions to increase the performance of the particular business.


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