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Marketing Plan For The New Samsung Galaxy S7


Assessment tasks/questions:

Develop a marketing plan for a brand or product of your choice that will be launching in 2016 in United Kingdom. You are required to write a 1,250 word essay on the:

  • Background of the brand or product
  • Micro and macro environmental issues
  • Components of a marketing plan
  • Competitiveness of the chosen market

Marketing Plan should include:


  1. Background of the choice of the brand or productSituation Analysis
  2. SWOT, PESTEL and Competitors Marketing Strategy
  3. SMART Marketing Objectives
  4. Segmentation Targeting and Positioning
  5. Marketing Mix


References Note:

The essay must conform to essay writing format; no headings or subtitles.

You must have an introduction paragraph and the body paragraphs put into a coherent argument using your own words. Remember to support your arguments with relevant theories where necessary as well as suitable examples wherever appropriate.

A conclusion is also necessary in an essay which must flow from your analysis.

Reference appropriately using the Harvard Referencing style.

Sources of information

For this essay, you are advised to look for at least ten academic sources, two of which must be journal articles. 

Guidance on answering assessment questions:

The aim of this assessment is to measure the outcome of your learning in terms of knowledge acquired, understanding developed and skills or abilities gained in relation to achieving the learning outcomes


Title: Marketing Plan For The New Samsung Galaxy S7
Length: 5 pages (1488 Words)
Style: APA


Marketing Plan for the New Samsung Galaxy S7


The following is a marketing plan for the new Samsung Galaxy S7 that is due to be released to the retail store come early next year (2016). The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a one of a kind smartphone that is the latest version in the product line of the Samsung S-Generation phones. The smartphone was designed after receiving suggestions of features that needed improvement in our immediate previous release, the Samsung Galaxy S6. The smartphone will have in three models namely the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, and S7 edge plus. These smartphones come in four colors, white, black, blue and gold. The common features for all the S7 generation phones are as follows. An internal memory of 64 GB, a screen sizes are 6.1”, 6.5” and 6.7” for the S7, S7 edge, and S7 plus respectively. Each smartphone comes with a set of wireless headphones and chargers. The front and back cameras have a resolution of 13 and 25 megapixels respectively. There is a different charger that has a cord that also comes with each phone. The Bluetooth headset can also be used with a cable that also comes in the box. Finally, there is a 100 GB memory card that is in each product’s box. 


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