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Marketing Plan For Ginger Coffee


Write a papeer on the marketing plan of ginger coffee a new product being introduced into the market


Title: Marketing Plan For Ginger Coffee
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


Marketing Plan

The product being introduced in the market is the ginger coffee. This coffee is good in terms of flavor and has some health advantages to the user. Compared to the other types of coffee, ginger coffee is non-addictive, meaning it does not create dependency. It does not require a lot of sugar therefore making it economical and reduces the risk of sugar related diseases, which are caused by the use of other types of coffee, which do not taste even after addition of two spoonful of sugar. In this, only one spoon is enough for one cup of ginger coffee. The target market is India. The company arrived at this market due to the population, which increases the number of potential customers. Additionally, India is a fast growing economy therefore providing a healthy market for the product.


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