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Marketing 3 Pages

Marketing Plan


During your tenure managing Allstar’s OTC cold medicine brands, you have undoubtedly grown in your knowledge of the industry, refined your strategy, and gained some insights with regard to implementation. Pass on to your successors what you consider the most important advice.

1. Please review your original marketing plan and offer a critique of the original plan. What were its strengths and weaknesses?

2. Please offer your evaluation of the key success factors for Allstar brands going forward.

3. Using the 4Ps as a framework for analysis, what actions are needed in the near term?

  • Product: What OTC cold/cough/allergy product would suggest introducing next?
  • Price: What is your pricing policy and rationale?
  • Promotion: Provide insights on message content and promotional vehicles.
  • Place: What were the best methods to motivate your channel partners to improve measures such as shelf space?

4. Finally, over the course of the past 10 years, there must have been some decisions that you are most proud of and others that were later deemed to be mistakes. Please share with the new manager some of the highs and lows of your journey (add your 10-period performance chart from Interpretive website).


Title: Marketing Plan
Length: 3 pages (766 Words)
Style: MLA



The marketing plan has ensured to include the budget constraint. For example, the cost of manufacturing has been clearly explained when coming up with the price strategy. The primary reason for finding out prices of competitor products may be pricing but also helps in calculation of markup policy hence the management can allocate funds appropriately. This is a significant strength in the marketing plan. The plan has also had a review of its competitors, the overall research about the products and position of the competitor companies is also strength. The plan outlines various companies even though their product is a breakthrough. This ensures more competition since no company wants to have a similar product with another.


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