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Marketing Case Study


***FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, Please view the two videos at this link review the stories:

• Alim Hirani (interview) - Hilti Corporation

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• Alim Hirani (sales call) - Hilti Corporation

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Approaching Customers with Adaptive Selling

The worldwide Hilti Corporation ( specialize in providing leading-edge technology to the global construction industry.  With some 20,000 employees in more than 120 countries around the world, Hilti actively pursues a value-added orientation in all of its activities. 

As part of the orientation, Hilti puts its new salespeople through a rigorous training curriculum that includes one-month pretraining on Hilti products and services, a three-week intensive training in product and services sales, and a two-week training on software applications.  In addition, these salespeople also ride along with experienced sales managers to get hands-on experience.  Furthermore, the company offers refresher courses to keep its salespeople updated on Hilti’s products and services, they construction market, and corporate strategy.  Equipped with this in-depth knowledge and the value orientation that is deeply rooted in the corporate culture, salespeople like Alim Hirani are laws well prepared to approach customer to make sales presentation, demonstrate and explain Hilti’s products and services, and show the customers both the tangible and intangible benefits that Hilti can offer.

With a direct sales model, Hilti relies heavily on its salespeople to make the connection and deliver its values to its global customers.  Alim is a strong believer that he and his sales team are the face of the company.  His credibility is embedded in Hilti’s credibility and vice versa.  He always makes sure that his sales presentations are well prepared in advance.  More importantly, he builds and maintains rapport with is customers from the very beginning of the business relationship because such partnership mentality motivates the customer to disclose their actual concerns.  In the end, customers only value solutions that address their actual needs, and Alim as a Hilti salesperson know that by heart.


Question #1

1. Why should Alim Hirani adopt the three prescriptions of the presentation strategy?

Question #2

2.  Salespeople are encouraged to establish multiple-objective sales presentations.  What are some objectives Alim Hirani should consider when he calls on construction managers at the construction site?

Question #3

3.  What are some special challenges Alim Hirani faces when he make his sales presentations in a non-office setting?

Question #4

4.  Put yourself in the position of a construction salesperson.  Can you envision a situation when you might combine different ways to convert the prospect’s attention and interests into action?  Explain.

Each question answered should be a maximum of ½ - ¾ page in length.Please be sure to cite any and all references you use to complete the questions.

Use the following headings for each question:

Question #1: Put a minimum of a ½ - ¾ page response here

Question #2: Put a minimum of a ½- ¾ page response here

Question #3: Put a minimum of a ½ - ¾ page response here

Question #4: Put a minimum of a ½ - ¾ page response here

Reference Page needed goes last


Title: Marketing Case Study
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


Marketing Case Study

Alim Hirani, who is an account manager for Hilti Corporation, uses the relationship strategy in the sale of his products. He assumes two prescriptions such as making sales calls involving the information about the family members of the customers. Besides, the calls take place either in the office or in the construction site. Alim Hirani also ensures the demonstration of the premium value that would establish the accountability and the credibility of the corporation (Tanner, Honeycutt, & Erffmeyer, 2009). One of the reasons for the adoption of the strategy prescriptions is to help him prepare the objectives of the company fully. His enquiry about the family of the client seeks to explore the extent at which the product goes. Supposing that the family uses it too, the manager can determine that people are likely to use a good or service.


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