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Marketing And Disclosure Fiduciary Responsibilities


1. Assume you want to buy the home - how would you respond to the seller's offer? My answer please build on this - I would offer the $200,00 I planned to spend.

Is the seller a man or woman? Does it influence your response? My Answer please build on this - I assume a woman, but it would not matter the gender it is about the buying of a home.

Would it change your response if you were looking to buy the home to assemble a real estate project site for your firm vs. a vacation cabin for yourself? My answer please build upon - Yes i would matter if for a firm I would accept the $175,000 as an office has more overhead, and the purpose of business is to turn a profit ------------Please phrase into one clear thought, with perfect sentence structure and grammar. ___________________ 175 words

2. Please write a 200--word essay on how the Monkey Trap video relates to the Coca-Cola Burger King article on Frozen Coke. 


Title: Marketing And Disclosure Fiduciary Responsibilities
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Marketing and Disclosure-Fiduciary Responsibilities

Question 1

The response that I would give to the seller of the home would be quite shocking to her. Contrary to her expectations, I would offer $200 000 for the property. In any way, given that the seller is a woman does not influence my decision concerning the house. I will give a higher price than the one quoted by the seller since it seems like she does not have enough knowledge about the real estate market. Nevertheless, if I were to use the home for a real estate project for my firm, I would take the home for $170 000. The argument for this is that the business aims to make a profit.


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