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The restaurant business is very competitive in the current market because it is the easiest to put up and many people are willing to start similar entities. In Riyadh region, the productsthat are likely to be on high demand in a pizza shop include ordinary cheese pizza going for an average price of eleven dollars, Strombolis going for ten dollars, chicken spinach, lasagne calzone, beef sausage roll, fat bellies sandwiches, fried mushrooms, French fries, and waffle fries. Before setting the prices for these products, market research would be necessary to establish the right pricing approach to embrace. However, the most important aspect is sustaining the business given the high competition which is rife in the industry. 

The first strategy to be employed is hiring a highly trained chef with expertise in making the most delicious and desirable cuisines. Again, the management will have to undertake a continuous study to establish the region’s demographics as well as the number of existing competitors together with what they offer. Since the business is new in the industry, it would be inappropriate to engage in direct competition with established market leaders. Therefore, direct competition would be avoided at all costs. Other strategies employed include choosing a visible location, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, focusing on a specific area, and finally employing technology in service delivery.


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