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Answer the following

1. What percent of BookBinders customers are female?

2. Which three states account for the largest percentage of BookBinders’s customers?

3. What is the average Total $ spent, the average Total # of purchases, and the average number of months since last purchase?

4. Is there a significant correlation between customers’ total spending on books and their total spending on non-book products?

5. Which book categories have sold the most books? Which have sold the least?

6. Create histograms showing the distribution, mean and standard
deviation of Total Dollars Spent on Books for males vs. females.

7. Find the total number and the percentage of both males and females who bought “The Art History of Florence.”

8. For both males and females, determine the total number of purchases
made, the average number of purchases, and the percent of total
purchases made by males vs. females.

9. Determine the minimum, the maximum, and the average number of months
between customers’ first purchase and their most recent purchase.

10. What percent of repeat customers (those with two or more total purchases) bought “The Art History of Florence?”


Title: Marketing
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Answers to Poster Questions Using SPSS

  • Percentage of females among the BookBinders customers.
  • The dataset contains exactly 50,000 customers out of which 33302 are female customers. In other words, 66.6 percent of the BookBinders customers are females.

 Three states that has the highest percentages of BookBinders customers.


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