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Managing Conflict


Writing the Final Paper on Managing Conflict

The Final Paper: Managing Conflict in the military and criminal investigations work place.


Title: Managing Conflict
Length: 6 pages (1841 Words)
Style: APA


Managing Conflict

Conflicts are inevitable in the world today due to the varying economic, political, social, ethical and religious believes (Chris, 1996). Conflicts have a wide range of definitions. One of the common definitions is the presence of a disagreement between two people or parties. Chris explains that conflicts occur when two or more parties that are supposed to cooperate disagree (1996). Conflicts can occur anywhere. Conflicts started a long time ago during the creation of the world when Adam and Eve conflicted with God (Genesis 1:3). Some conflicts are fatal while others are solved easily. The common terrorist attacks in major cities of the world are some of the conflicts that have been witnessed in almost all the continents (Ugwuegbu, 1999). Other conflicts are locally based, maybe between political parties, families, tribes while other are between individuals. However,


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