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Management Self-Assessment
Management 4 Pages

Management Self Assessment


Management Self-Assessment


Title: Management Self Assessment
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: APA


Emotional intelligence, also known as anemotionalquotient, has been defined by various scholars as a form of socialintelligence involving abilities to monitor one’s and others’emotions and using the information to guide one is thinking and action. It is the intellectual attributes associated with understanding and managing emotions (Gole 1997). We can, therefore, get to understand what our counterparts experience emotionally. In contrast to intellectual ability, theemotional ability is learned- not acquired and can take place at any point in life. However, in order to describe one’s emotional intelligence oneshould use a certain criterion(Mayer et al 2001). Among the easiest way to measure, our EQ is by use of questionnaires, which ask one to report on their abilities, skills, and behaviors, but nonetheless we are bound to givefalse and exaggerated accomplishments thatmake it a flaw.


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