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Write a 3-5 page paper (not including title and reference pages) in proper APA format. For your paper, you will create a fictional character for a movie. The character should be in a management position. Your paper should utilize appropriate course material (and from your own research). Ensure you address the following topics in your paper:

Describe the personality of your character (this is to help the reader understand the challenges your leader faces).

How did your character develop their management traits?

Identify three management traits that the leader possesses, and explain why they are necessary to a successful manager.

How you can develop each skill or trait in your own life? Training, education, experience, etc. - but be specific (if you create goals they should be SMART).

What are possible disadvantages to having these traits?

How have you seen the selected traits utilized effectively in your own experiences in life?

How can you market the traits (for this I would like to see resume bullets for each of the traits)? - Put yourself in your character's shoes, as if they were writing a resume.

How do you relate to your character? Could you be managed by him/her/it?

Paper must include (all in proper APA 6th edition format):

Cover Page

Reference Page

Two additional resources from APUS online library

Two additional resources from the internet

Wikipedia, or similar sites are NOT acceptable sources for this paper


Title: Management
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: APA



Personality of the Leader

The leader in my movie, just as any other manager, faces a number of issues which compel him to use his personality to handle successfully. James Connor, the leader, is a manager in an insurance firm who has to deal with dishonest employees as well as demanding customers. Because of this, he has developed certain personality traits to help him carry out his duties efficiently. He is also honest since he aims at inspiring his employees and showing his customers that he is ready to serve their needs. Other than that, he is very open minded to enable him evaluate the policies brought to him by the customers. Apart from honesty and openness, the leader also portrays signs of decisiveness and conscientiousness(Cincotta, 2014). These two traits enable him to deal with issues in an organized and forward-thinking way. Even though some of these personalities are innate in him, the rigorousness nature of the job has influenced some of his traits.


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