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Sociology 6 Pages

Low Academic Performance


Personal Application Essay: In five typed pages, students will analyze a social problem they have personally experienced. Sociological perspective will be applied in providing greater understanding of the issue. References are expected.


Title: Low Academic Performance
Length: 6 pages (1466 Words)
Style: APA


Low Academic Performance

The social problem that is the subject of study or analysis is low academic performance in school by students. This is problemthat needs to be addressed by the administration and parents so as to ensure the student gets good grades or attain high levels of performance in school.A social problem refers to the condition whereby part of the society or some individuals in the society view as undesirable. Low academic performance can be described as the student achievement below the expected standard. This study aims at addressing the current major aspects of education, learning and the conditions involved in poor school performance. I am a victim of the issue of low academic performance and the discussion below relates to it.

Sociology has different approach to such a problem, it stresses that a problem of this kind is often rooted in the problem that stem from the aspects of society.  My failings as a student to perform has led to the eruptiona lot of criticism from members of the society and this has affected the way I live and go-about with my activities. The society should note that social problems should not just attract criticism but also the need to find solutions for the problem.

Formal education has been adopted in the world and is viewed by many as socially and culturally valuable to every student. Every student in the world, I inclusive go to school with the aim of achieving success in the future. In my quest to be a successful person I have to set out targets during my periodic stay in school. These targets though come with a lot of challenges that require my full focus and attention academically. In today’s society almost 65 percent of students who sit for an examination come out with poor or undesired grades or results. They acquire such results despite the overwhelming efforts byteachers to prepare the student adequately for the test. We are also given adequate time to prepare for the tests but at the end there are always the high scorers and the low scorers, unfortunately I always fall under the low scorers.


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